Kemerli Suite

Kemerli Suite is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional stone and arch architecture. Unique to Cappadocia by being a restored registered historical building maintaining its original form, the suite’s spacious bathroom, its unique view, and the most beautiful private garden in Cappadocia a...

Taşköşk Suite

With the prices starting from 380 €

Traditional Seljuk masonry is best exemplified in this room, which also features a breathtaking view. A balcony overlooks the Cappadocia plateau, which will make you feel as if you are the owner of the land. The bedroom is separated by a step and an arch. The 18th century bedstead is brass, inlaid w...

Harem Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 380 €

Just like real harems of old, this suite has no window (the only room in the hotel not to have one) and is full of mystique. It has a specially designed spacious bathroom, a sitting area with a fireplace, wine taps, and priceless antiques. As a natural consequence of its structure and style, it is v...

Şehzade Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 380 €

Museum Hotel’s most exquisite room, Şehzade, not only overlooks the Garden of Eden but also offers a breathtaking view of Cappadocia from both its cave bedroom and its living room. This special suite is the end product of meticulous renovation. Spending time here, relaxing on the sofas feels like a ...

Shepherd’s Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 320 €

This room was a shepherd’s home and stable in the past, and thus we named it to reflect that. Next to the suite’s entrance is an old shepherd’s cloak. The ancient feedboxes in the stone holes that animals were tied to have been carefully preserved and decorated with antiques. The area where the shep...

Çatalkaya Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 320 €

Two fairy chimneys located right across from each other are known as Çatalkaya by the locals. Right in front of this room sits one of the Çatalkaya and thus we named the room after it. The most attractive detail in this room is the splendid bathroom and the magnificent view offered by both the bathr...

Gülistan Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 320 €

"Gülistan" means rose garden, and the suite takes its name from the private rose garden in front of it. Both the room and the bathroom have a splendid valley view. Apart from its rare and special antiques, the room features a special rock-hewn ceiling.