With the prices starting from 1.500 €

In the past, Europeans used the word muhteşem or ‘magnificent’ for the 10th Ottoman emperor, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman. What other word can describe perfection and splendor better? This is a Spa suite formed by joining the spacious and royal Sultan’s Cave Suite to the cozy and private Guvercin...


With the prices starting from 1.000 €

This unique Spa suite has been formed by combining Ebruli and Khayyam’s suites. This is a fascinating room, with its dominant Seljuk architecture, the rose garden, two specially designed bathrooms, a massage room, and its rich decoration.

Paşa Konağı

With the prices starting from 1.000 €

This unique Spa suite, formed by combining Divan and Beyzade suites is without doubt one of the most splendid and majestic rooms. This room is for those guests who want to feel special, with two private bathrooms, Jacuzzis, a dressing room, a massage room, divans and sofas, a palace pool, special ro...

Hanzade Cave Suite

With the prices starting from 750 €

This Spa suite has been specially designed for guests with elegant taste by combining Naile Hanım and Eftelya Cave suites. It consists of two special bathrooms, two Jacuzzis, a living room, and a massage room. The Cappadocia wine taps and a warm marble massage stone are some of the special details i...