Our Eco and Sustainability Credentials


  • Apparent from its name, Museum Hotel was designed to be a ‘living museum concept.’ Hundreds of valuable and priceless antiques have been incorporated into Museum Hotel, allowing visitors from all around the world to experience Cappadocia’s history and culture. 
  • Thanks to its museum concept, hundreds of unique historical artifacts are now preserved and are registered in Nevşehir Museum.


  • Sensors are used for the taps in the public areas to reduce running/wasted water. 
  • Water wastage is reduced by using a drip irrigation system for watering the gardens. 
  • The latest technology in water filtering systems is utilized to prevent any possible health concerns of our guests and employees. 
  • The hotel’s wastewater is directed to the local wastewater treatment plant and purified there.


  • Helping to add to local welfare, rather than shopping from supermarkets, Museum Hotel ensures products are sourced from the local bazaar and shops.


  • Museum Hotel produces 45% of its required energy for heating and hot water by making use of solar panels. 
  • Unnecessary energy waste is prevented through the insulation of all windows and the structure of the buildings. 
  • All the lighting in the hotel and grounds uses the latest energy-saving technology. 
  • Sensor lighting is utilized in some of the public areas.


  • Traditional dishes of Cappadocia, almost forgotten, have been revived in our restaurant menu. 
  • Another tradition kept alive is having a traditional Turkish barber service, available on the terrace each morning. 
  • Awareness of Cappadocian traditions is increased by employing traditional customs when we welcome and bid farewell to our guests. 
  • Traditional forms of attire are worn by our employees who interact personally with guests in order to preserve and showcase another unique element of old Cappadocian culture.


  • 40–45% year-round of the kitchen’s product requirements is produced in the most natural way possible, thanks to the eco-farming carried out on the nearly 200 hectare land. 
  • Natural honey produced by our in-house beekeeping is presented each morning for our guests’ delectation. 
  • Natural eggs are served thanks to our own free-range poultry. 
  • Care is taken to employ the local population in our eco-farming, beekeeping, and free-range poultry activities.


  • Special care is taken to employ more than 75% of the employees from the local population. 
  • Regular professional inspections of work safety and health services ensure not only our guests stay but also our employees work in a safe and healthy environment. 
  • Free seasonal training programs are organized for our employees, providing not only new skills for their roles but also new eco-knowledge that educates in how to conserve and be energy efficient.

Guest room services

  • Instead of chemical-based soaps, natural herbal ones are placed in the rooms for our guests’ usage. 
  • All of the textile products in the rooms are natural products. 
  • Sheets and pillows in the rooms are entirely natural cotton-based products.

Natural environment protection

  • Museum Hotel’s construction was not only a hotel project, it also ensured the reclamation of a historical site left to ruin. 
  • During the restoration work, we ensured that the tortoises and pigeons living in the area would be able to continue living in their natural habitat. These creatures and their offspring continue to live and thrive on Museum Hotel’s grounds.

Geothermal works

  • Indigo Group, Museum Hotel’s parent company, is carrying out the first and only geothermal energy production works in Cappadocia. 
  • When these efforts come to fruition, in 2016-17, it’ll be possible to minimize the Cappadocia region’s solid fuel requirements. Additionally, this thermal tourism project will lay the groundwork for new sustainable tourism investments.

Sponsorship and support

  • Two of the most important churches of Cappadocia, Tokalı and Kırk Şehitler, have been restored under Museum Hotel sponsorship. Efforts in this area are ongoing. 
  • Museum Hotel shoulders the cost of educational needs for dozens of children from the Cappadocia region each year, in addition to providing regular scholarships to children from less-fortunate families. 
  • Museum Hotel acts as a leader in the development of local culture and art by sponsoring dozens of classical music concerts and art exhibitions. 
  • Dozens of social projects, including water conservation & reclamation and restorations & renovations, have been, and continue to be, supported in collaboration with the Rotary Club and local municipalities.


  • Care is taken to ensure that the products used in cleaning are natural, not chemical products. 
  • The cleaning products used in the laundry and dry-cleaning services are eco-certified.

Construction process and Architecture

  • The construction and restoration project was carried out with great care and attention, allowing us to prevent the destruction of dozens of historical caves and stone houses on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, thus keeping them safe for future generations. 
  • The restoration ensured that all preexisting architectural and cultural styles were preserved. 
  • Museum Hotel’s success in architecture and restoration was recognized by International Hotel Awards, when we were awarded ‘Best Hotel Architecture in Europe’ and ‘Best Hotel Restoration and Renewal in Turkey’ in 2013. 
  • Museum Hotel is the first important luxury hotel project in the Cappadocia region. The Uçhisar area was previously full of ruined buildings, but as a result of Museum Hotel’s lead, other projects were begun and investments made, contributing greatly to the ongoing employment of the local population. 
  • During the construction and restoration process, local stonemasons, carpenters, and construction workers were employed, thus making a significant contribution to the local economy. 
  • Natural, handmade, and traditional products were utilized during the construction process, eschewing all plastics and other fabricated unnatural products.